• We do not sell, install, or service security equipment or products.
  • WE do not provide security guards, patrol, or bodyguard services.
  • We do not conduct private investigation or background check services.
  • We do not provide computer or network security consulting services.
  • We do not provide expert witness testimony in court.
  • We do not provide review of accounting or financial audit control services.
  • We do not provide fire prevention or occupational safety consulting services.


Business, Organizations, Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, and Private Residences

We help you implement security strategies that are aligned with your organization's mission and values, resulting in a security program that supports rather that interferes with the operation of your business.

Let us show you ways in which we can:

Trying to decide how much security you need or what type of system you should buy?

Concerned that recommendations you have been getting from security equipment sellers or guard companies is not in your best interest? We can help!

Why choose Charles L. Hentz as your Security Consultant?

I am an independent fee-based consultant, and I do not sell security system equipment, or provide guard services.

I have an in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the latest equipment available in the physical technology, effective crime prevention strategies and equipment.I also have a great deal of experience in the security design and planning process.

Charles Hentz Security Consultants uses a comprehensive security assessment procedure that is proven to provide the most comprehensive security assessment documentation in this field. If you are trying to decide how much security, or what type of system you need? Give us a call!


  • Develop strategies and plans to thwart aggressive combatants from gaining entry,, assaulting your employees, or damaging your property.
  • Train your employees in self-protection tactics.
  • Conduct employee seminars on Violence in the Workplace.
  • Find the right balance between security and convenience.
  • Provide security that respects the unique culture of your organization.
  • Make employees, customers, and guests feel safer and more secure.
  • Reduce losses due to burglary, theft, vandalism, and pilferage.
  • Reduce cost of security equipment through planning.
  • Reduce ongoing security operating costs my mechanization and elimination of security personnel.
  • Keeping your facility safer through modernization without turning it into a fortress.





I provide independent security consulting services. I do not sell security equipment or software. I do not sell guard services, or conduct investigations. I just do security consulting. To be completely objective and represent my clients fully I believe selling security products would compromise my first loyalty, to my client!

In some cases, a client may have a need for one or more services that I do not provide. Therefore, I maintain an informal relationship with a large network of other security providers to whom a referral can be made. We also maintain relationships with other security consultants who are subject matter experts in specific areas (such as computer security, bomb blast protection, and physical defensive tactics) and we could recommend these specialty consultants when needed. We never take a referral fee as that would be compromising our first loyalty, to our client!